Enhance your data with SimpleScraper AI

SimpleScraper AI enhance allows you to ask your scraped data anything, using Artificial Intelligence. It's perfect for automatic summarization, analysis, and extracting meaning from data. AI enhanced data is saved to an additional column in your scrape results.

This guide explains how to set up and use AI enhance in your workflow.

1. Activate SimpleScraper AI Enhance
2. Choose your preferred Run Mode

You have two options for how the AI Enhance feature will operate:

  • Automatic: Runs automatically after each scrape task is completed, and before any integration step you may have set up

  • Manual: Click the 'Run AI' button to manually trigger AI Enhance to run on the most recently scraped data. If you choose this method, AI enhanced data will not automatically be sent to any integrations you may have set up, however you can trigger the integration step manually

3. Select AI Prompt
  • You can choose from predefined prompts like "Summarize text", "Summarize comments", or create a custom prompt tailored to the specific data that you've scraped
4. Choose Data Properties for AI Analysis
  • In this step you select the specific properties you wish the AI to analyze. You may wish to include all properties that you've scraped however if some are not relevant you can choose to exclude them
5. Generate an example
  • Use the "Generate example" button to see a sample AI enhancement based on the first row of data in your scrape results. This allows you verify that the AI will produce data as you expect (note that the AI will not return identical results each time).
6. Run AI Enhance
  • If you wish to run AI enhance manually and are in manual mode, click 'Run AI'. The number of rows that will be enhanced as well as an estimate of the credits used will be shown. Click confirm and SimpleScraper will begin the process. If you are in automatic mode, AI Enhance will run immediately after each scrape is completed.
7. Review Enhanced Data
  • After the AI has completed its analysis, a new column labeled "AI_enhanced" will be added to your results. This column contains the AI-generated information based on the prompt and properties you selected.
8. Integrations
  • If you've set up an integration, AI Enhance will run before the integration step. This may result in your data taking a slightly longer time to arrive at its destination.


  • SimpleScraper AI enhance charges 1 credit for every 300 words processed. This includes both the text sent to be enhanced and the AI's response.
  • The estimated number of credits required to run AI enhance on your data will be displayed in the "Notes" section below the configuration
  • AI results will not be identical for each run

Please reach out via chat if you have questions or would like help with any steps.