Getting started with Simplescraper

Simplescraper is a service that allows you to quickly and easily extract content from any website and turn it into structured data. Your data is immediately available as an API endpoint or in CSV or JSON format.

Our smart Chrome extension makes it simple (yep) to select any website data that you want and have it available to download in a matter of seconds.

This guide walks you through getting started with Simplescraper. It's worth reading through the sections in the sidebar on the left so that you're familiar with all the powerful features, but if you're short for time, check out the FAQ section below to see if it can quickly answer your question.


Can simplescraper scrape behind a login?

Only publicly accessible data can be extracted with cloud scraping for the moment. But local scraping can retrieve data as it scrapes whatever is visible in your web browser. To understand the difference, please read this guide.

When you select an element that is a hyperlink or an image the link should be detected automatically and will appear in the scrape results. If for some reason the results do not contain links then save the recipe and run it in the cloud - the more powerful cloud scraping capabilities are certain to extract the links.

How to scrape multiple pages and infinite scroll?

Multiple pages and infinite scroll is possible via cloud scraping so you will have to save your recipe and run it. Please see the Multiple page and infinite scroll scraping guide for more info.

How to first scrape a list of URLs and then scrape each of those URLS?

Please check out the Crawling lists of URLs guide for instructions on how to do this.

How to manage my recipes?

You can access all your scrape recipes directly at or by clicking the Simplescraper extension icon and selecting 'View recipes and results'.

Does Simplescraper use proxies?

Yes, Simplescraper auto-rotates IP addresses to ensure that we're able to scrape successfully.

Does Simplescraper rate-limit requests?

Yes, we scrape responsibly and an individual scrape job should be no different than a handful of people browsing a website.

Can you build APIs for me?

Yes we can. If you'd like us to create and maintain an API for any website(s) simply click the chat button on to get in touch.