Adding a password login

Adding a password allows you the option to share your account and no longer depend on Google authentication to login. It takes about 3 minutes to setup and requires that you have first signed up with Google and are logged in to the Simplescraper dashboard.

  • In the Simplescraper dashboard (, click your name in the bottom-left corner and then click 'My account'

  • Click 'setup' beside password in the 'Login methods' section

  • A popup will appear asking you to reauthenticate your account. This is just like logging in again so click 'Authenticate' and select your Google email just as you would when logging in

  • You should now be on the 'set a password' screen. Enter a password with a minimum of 6 characters and then reenter it to confirm and then click 'Save password'

  • You should see a success message telling you that you can now login with your email and the password that you just set

  • And that's it. Password holders can now login and run scrape recipes on your account